They are all Trying


they are all trying to FLY,

with their BROKEN WINGS!

they are all trying to CRY,

as LOUD as they can SING!

they are all trying to SMILE,

with TEARS in their EYES!

they all want to LAUGH OUT LOUD,

burying big little cries.

they are all TRYING to be at HOME,



they are all TRYING to be PERFECT,

in their own IMPERFECT WAY!


Image Credit: Children of the Caravan – Reuters

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This my message to all FALLEN ANGELS


Voices unexpressed for years can now ROAR,

No matter how much pain you can give me – I CAN TAKE MORE

My POWER dwell in LOVE, and you occupy hatred,

You a slave of EVIL and I believe I am gods bread,

You laugh on my pain, still, I WILL CRY,

You can tear the wings, but you cannot BREAK THE SKY,

This my message to all FALLEN ANGELS,

Don’t FEAR the crucifier, dominate the SCARS,

Only a fallen angel will be a “MORNING STAR


Image Credit: Sofia Matos

The amazing image I used to express my words is by Sofia Matos, her surreal arts tells so much. I found it perfect for my words.

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the platform

i am in a pit, that speaks to me,

molded as a pet, it believes in me, 

that I will pounce on food, 

and still stood,

for the laws it frame to shape my destiny,

I am in a pit, that orders me,

there is no freedom, no will, no soul lives in me,

i feed on lives, and i feed on time, 

still living with an hope to taste the lime,

i cannot challenge the rules, neither strong to deny the cuisine,

consuming with bare hands, and mouth until I am fine,

there is no end to this pit, 

nor there is end to greed,

we have this one world, 

and it is crashing on those who are beneath, 

still a hope will rise, a soul that tries,

to convey the message we all need,

to deliver us to our good deed,

to those who can stand or run,

to those whom the sun burns,

to those who’s hand can reach the apple,

to those who are prisoners of a chapel,

to those who’s color is a curse,

to those who lives their life in reverse,

lets take what we need from the platform,

and help others to “Transform”

god-fearing cry

he calls god every day, 

with a thunder who makes it way,

a vocal shoots in the sky,

that’s the sound of a god-fearing cry,

sometimes I wonder, lying on my bed,

he claims this earth by raising his head, 

by shouting on the sky, 

that’s the sound of a god-fearing cry,

Am I part of it, or I am free, 

slave of choices or a soul that disagree,

I am trapped, but my thoughts may fly,

denying the supremacy of that god-fearing cry,

I started again with an hope to win this Time,
After running away from fake soul’s,

I prayed hard to make them disappear from this timeline,
Who’s hearts are filled with lust and craving of gold’s,

And found a few new bird’s I can Fly with,
Giving my broken wings a chance to breathe,

The same Sky smile’s at me,
And the same Sun shines,
While I start again to secure my Destiny,

Is this Time a last try, or well this time begins a new Story,
With new faces I dared to ride the –Extraordinary….


Underwater Painting by Isabel Emrich


Note from Poet: Adore the way the painting express itself, selected it to be an face of my poems, for any objection or removal please drop a 
mail at or thanks for your love :

When you were with me,
I can sense the divine serenity,
Your presence portray clarity,

Why you change then?
Turn into a burden

Of feelings that crushed my emotions,
A needless souvenir of dejection,

All I have left behind is what I was,
Waiting for the time to pause,

To rewind me back to my past,
To crave forever the time that never last!

New Year

Awakened with old Broken Resolutions,
This year I wish to Fix my Time,

So I made a small list of Decisions,
And toasted “Myself” a Glass of Wine,

The joy of the New Year is so merrily responsive,
While the howling last year softly resigns,

This year I hope to alter something,
To be a New Me, to be a novel, Earthling,

This YEAR I desire to see the world -Happy,
To be one amid those Heroes who Challenge their adversity,

By standing tall or flying up away,
By defying all odds, by defying the gravity.


Image Credit:

Frozen In Time

I stumble upon on some photos of mine,
It looks I am just frozen in time,

With those emotions, I lived that day,
I miss them so much – today,

I pinch to zoom with my fingers to see more clearly,
I can sense a part of my frozen memory,

And then the tears smiled for those pretty little moments,
These frozen memories are my everlasting ornaments,

Someday once again I will visit these photos of mine,
To smile for my doppelganger who will always remain frozen in time.


Image Credit: Brad Robson

The image is painted by an Australian based painted Brad Robson, who mixes realism with abstraction and brings up amazing representation of lively textures.



It’s my small window to see the world alone,
It’s my memories and my subtle clone,

It’s the one with me always,
And feed the lights in forgotten ways,

Its a blunder of emotions sometimes,
Sometimes its content and sublime,

It’s rocking my universe with magical acoustic,
It’s so playful sometimes and sometimes mystic,

Its the only thing, I wonder I can rely on,
It’s my unwise Smartphone.


Image Credit: Erin Pollock

About Erin Pollock: I just found the image very relevant to my poem, so I added it. If you want to know more about the painter click the about link.

Thanks 🙂