My Journey

Some day my journey will end,

Relieved from the life I defend,

I wonder how I will see myself then,

Or I will be worried about hell or heaven,

Or I would recall the good or bad memories,

I earned throughout my lifetime, my tiny and big stories,

Or I regret of not enjoying time,

Or I appreciate for deeds that rhyme,

I may not think so much if I am fearless,

Struggling to align with the last oneness,

And at last nothing will really matter,

Thanking for all god-good wonders,

Passing Hour

For whom she is looking for,
Willing to share all her passing hour,

A shot of drink she wants to be,
In hands, those can afford her Destiny,

Her pride now survive in the cheers of his time,
His words and thoughts can only rhyme,

From a distance, I had seen a fearless bird,
Adjusting to living a life so absurd,

Though there are no struggles,
But you aren’t built for avoiding troubles,

I see you can write your own future,
I am not flattering; it’s just your nature,

my abundant disturbance

Where I hunt down the darkness in me,
I thought it’s a foreign Destiny,

The more I searched, the more I am lost,
In finding this darkness at all cost,

When I returned back, in me,
Found the rubble, in inner harmony,

So mystified by my appearance,
Who? It’s me, my abundant disturbance,

The Light

I passed that one place every day,
Ignoring the light, through my tired eyes,

Wondering for a while where I could be,
If that light showed me my destiny,

I believed it as a dream, and so fragile it is,
So I bowed my head and marched for an unknown bliss,

That light was always watching for my sight,
And all day I thought it was never my fight,

It always stood there for me to be observed,
I just pass away wondering my pains are forever reserved,

Then one day it crossed my line,
Blinking, sparkling, rejoicing time,

a tone

A tone I hear turns to melody and beat with my heart,
I can’t feel the world around; I can’t see the start,
The tone turns my world alive in rain,
Music is in fall of every drop that goes in drain

And so the season passes, and the music is now silence,
But I know it will come back because it is “imminence”

parallel journey

The eyes defy, my trust of realism,
And my mind bows to skepticism,
What is happening, they say is god’s will,
My expressions are stranded still,

In the desert where sands are blown by air,
Disappearing foot print’s of journey is fair,
The world seems on parallel journey,
Rolling to collect some gems, some money,

Rise up and say hi to the sun

Rise up and say hi to the sun,
Ignore the crowd, and have fun,
Keep your head high above the proud,
Listen to your heartbeat, cry out loud,
Let the world be what it wants’ to be,
Contest to be a solo sketch of insanity,
Feed on feelings and pay by emotions,
Forgive, forget, and forever stay in motion,

One day we all will be a story,
Fulfilled by some sweet, some bitter memory,

So rise up and say hi,
Or be a soothing sound of goodbye,