I started again with an hope to win this Time,
After running away from fake soul’s,

I prayed hard to make them disappear from this timeline,
Who’s hearts are filled with lust and craving of gold’s,

And found a few new bird’s I can Fly with,
Giving my broken wings a chance to breathe,

The same Sky smile’s at me,
And the same Sun shines,
While I start again to secure my Destiny,

Is this Time a last try, or well this time begins a new Story,
With new faces I dared to ride the –Extraordinary….


Underwater Painting by Isabel Emrich


Note from Poet: Adore the way the painting express itself, selected it to be an face of my poems, for any objection or removal please drop a 
mail at raj.2364@yahoo.in or raaj02364@gmail.com. thanks for your love :

A precious anthem

I speak they listen and ignore,
They judge me on my attire -so bore,
Today my time could be forever free for them,
But one day I will make it a precious anthem,
And They will pay with respect to sing it


What more I would be for them then, a help, a work or just a passing cloud,


there is a world, full of hope and full of joy
sits in our head in the form material convoy
there are open ground, no border for anyone
there are open heart, no pain for anyone

it is the dust or in the desert or in the darkness
its  not in the place where lies selfless
we are born unique, we will die simple
every perspective holds a key of being impel